Level 1 Award in Fitness and Physical Activity

Healthy lifestyle concept, clean food good health dietary in heart dish with sporty gym aerobic body exercise workout training class equipment, weight scale and sports shoes in fitness center

This qualification gives you an introduction to working in the fitness industry and will help you to develop some of the basic skills of a fitness instructor. It is ideal if you are thinking about working in fitness and want to get an idea of the skills and knowledge involved.

Units studied:

Exercise and Fitness Knowledge – basic anatomy and physiology to understand how the body works during exercise

Understanding the Health and Fitness Industry – a look at how the fitness industry is structured, jobs you could do

Exploring Personal Fitness – learn some simple tests to find out your level of health and fitness and write a personal exercise programme

Participate in Physical Activity – attend some fitness classes and activities to learn about how they are structured and what the instructor does

Assist in the delivery of an exercise session – you will learn some basic instructing skills so that you can support an instructor while they teach a class

Introduction to healthy eating – learn about the components of a healthy diet and how to give healthy eating advice. You will also analyse your own eating habits.

The course is completed by independent study (you will be given a manual and other resources) and by attending two face-to-face workshops.

Course cost: Β£300

Cost includes all course resources, attendance at two workshops, support and guidance throughout your period of study via phone and email, registration, assessment and certification.

Group rates are available – please contact us for details and a quote.

Level 1 Award in Lifestyle Management

Healthy lifestyle concept, images of healthy food and healthy, happy people

This qualification is designed to give an introduction to fitness and lifestyle. You will gain an understanding of how to manage your own lifestyle with a view to making improvements in health and wellbeing.

Units studied

Lifestyle Management: look at lifestyle choices and identify where positive changes could be made to improve health and wellbeing
Developing self: personal development and how personal skills, abilities and behaviours can be improved
Making the most of leisure time: a variety of leisure activities and state a preference for using leisure time
Introduction to healthy eating: the benefits of a balanced diet and its contribution to a healthy lifestyle, the importance of maintaining a healthy diet

Course cost: Β£175

The course is completed by attendance at a one day workshop and independent completion of coursework. Cost includes all course resources, workshop day, support and guidance through the course by phone / email, registration, assessment and certificate.