Personal trainer courses from KR Fitness Education
The Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training allows you to work with clients one-to-one or in small groups.

In order to do this level 3 qualification, you must hold the Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing (Gym-based Exercise).

The Personal Training qualification involves the completion of four different modules.

Anatomy and Physiology

You continue to study the same topics from Level 2, but go into more depth, with the addition of studying the endocrine system. Assessment is by multi choice exam.

Nutrition for Physical Activity

You will learn about the different components of a healthy diet, healthy eating advice, the digestive system, the body’s energy requirements, weight management, nutrition for active individuals and food labelling. There are three parts to the assessment for this module – a multi-choice exam, knowledge question worksheets, plus a case study on a client of your choice.

Programming Personal Training

In this module you learn about aspects of planning related to working with clients, such as undertaking health screening tests, planning individual sessions and long-term programming. Assessment is by knowledge question worksheets, a client profile, including observation of doing a series of screening tests with a client, plus a 12 week programme overview.

Delivering Personal Training

This module incorporates the practical aspects of working with a client. You will learn about different methods of training and training systems plus how to work with clients. Assessment is by completion of training sessions with a client and providing evidence of completing this, plus a final summative assessment which is an observation of you undertaking a full training session with a client.

Become a personal trainer with KR Fitness Education
On achievement of this qualification, you will be able to gain insurance to allow you to work as a freelance Personal Trainer. You could go on to do other qualifications at level 3 and above, such as Exercise Referral, weight management, exercise for low back pain. Such qualifications would increase the range of clients you could work with as a Personal Trainer.

Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training Β£1250

Cost includes registration, manuals, fitness testing equipment, access to YMCA Awards e-learning platform for the Anatomy and Physiology and Nutrition modules, up to 50 hours of tuition, support and guidance via email / telephone throughout the course, assessment and certificate.